Paperchase Accountancy
Working almost exclusively within the restaurant industry, with best known clients between them holding 14 Michelin Stars

Providing accountancy services for more than 75 restaurants in the UK

Services: weekly management accounts, monthly management report and accounts, payroll, tronc scheme service, supplier invoice payments, completing vat return, reconciling cash and bank balances are just some of the services we provide

‘Providers of high quality book keeping and accounting information essential to the successful running of any business’.

Saved By Robots
Web design, programming, branding, logo design, printing, graphics, photography, SEO, digital marketing are just some of the services these terrific guys offer. With a prior work history of over 300 Hospitality Websites, in depth online systems and e commerce sites.

Global Reach Partners
We help you get the most out of foreign exchange, offering a valuable alternative to the banks.

Expertise. Experience. Dedication.


Prinz Karl Thurn und Taxis Management AG is a Swiss based investment, advisory, and asset management company which

Offers professional real estate management and family offices as a service and invests in major real estate developments;

Organises local support and advise in the oil and gas industry as well as in sustainable power projects and invests in joint ventures with major players in these industries;

Provides financial services by raising funds and investing in all kinds of projects in the main focus areas of the company.



Brewed by the Locher family at the foot of the Swiss Alps using only the purest water, 1936 Bière has a unique, fresh and ultra clean taste.

The water used to brew 1936 Bière filters through the Swiss Alps, taking up to 25 years to reach the source. This unique water is combined with raw ingredients – Swiss hops and golden barley grown at high altitude on the mountains – to create a beer totally free from artificial preservatives or additives. Long famous for its innovative prowess in the development of new beers, the 1936 Bière brewery also leads in the field of climate protection.


The world of foreign exchange and international money transfers is fast-moving. This is why we’re always anticipating the changing needs of the market, and of our customers, to develop new services.

To do this successfully, Moneycorp looks at challenges creatively. And this approach has seen Moneycorp to pioneer many of the practices and techniques that are now standard across our industry.

From the very top of the organisation down, they provide a level of service that keeps customers coming back to them. The fact that 99% of them would recommend Moneycorp, shows that they’re doing something right.

Their size is also a big part of the success. They’re large enough to undertake the biggest transfers, yet small enough to add the personal touch to every transaction they make for their customers.

Moneycorp worked hard to build a reputation for excellence, but we’ll keep working to maintain their position. That means treating every customer and every transaction with the care, attention and efficiency of service that they’ve become known for.



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