Daniel Harden MSTA

Chief of Dealing at Global Reach Partners

Daniel Harden has been working in the foreign exchange industry for 10 years, and is currently Head of the Corporate desk at Global Reach Partners in London. Starting as a graduate at a top tier bank, he commenced dealing currency for larger corporates and institutions before moving to London to take the next step in his career.

Specialising in corporate foreign exchange he is fully FCA qualified and a qualified member of the Society of Technical Analysts. He regularly appears on CNBC and UK news channels sharing his expertise and knowledge on the markets.

His overall aim is to adopt a relationship and service led approach, thus always putting his clients’ needs first. His passion for the foreign exchange markets provides him with the drive to continually succeed and excel in the industry.


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James Newell 

Sales Messaging Specialist

If you want to increase your sales, the very first thing to address is how you present your offering. This is known as your sales message.

Your sales message is how you explain what you do, why clients should choose you and how you differentiate in the marketplace. it’s the starting point in the sales process as every piece of advertising and marketing relies upon the strength of the sales message to convert client attention.

With a focus on communication and human nature, James Newell creates Clear Sales Messages which help businesses to explain better what they do, to differentiate themselves from the competition and increase conversion.

From creating a value proposition, to taglines, ad copy, internal messaging and sales training- everything James does is predicated on the notion if they don’t understand it. they can’t buy it.

The principles of Clear Sales Message are backed by James’ 10 years sales experience as a key account manager for one of the largest automotive brands in the world.

Having supplied hundreds of millions of pounds worth of vehicles during his career, James understands what does and doesn’t work in the real-world sales environment and this has translated into workable practices that help his clients increase their clarity, confidence and conversion.

If you want to increase your sales, the first thing to ensure is that you have a Clear Sales Message.

Examples of client work can be found here.

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Jamil Khammu

Head Inbound Sales & Dealing Corporate Client Division Money Corp

Jamil is a bi-lingual regulated senior FX team member at Moneycorp.

A UK national with Jordanian heritage, Jamil is a fluent Arabic speaker, though was raised and educated in London. After studying Business Finance at Kingston University, Jamil started his career in Foreign Exchange with Moneycorp in 2010, quickly rising through a series of promotions to become Head of Corporate Inbound Sales & Dealing.

Jamil works very closely with Unitas to making a big difference to Unitas’ clients with their FX requirements

As a certified securities & investments professional, Jamil now works with a range of corporates from sole trades through to listed companies, offering top tier hedging and treasury guidance, as well as saving corporates thousands on their FX and payments.

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Tobias Woodward

Account Manager Money Corp

Tobias is an experienced senior account manager at Moneycorp.

A management graduate with over 10 years cross-industry experience at a senior level, he originally qualified and worked as a regulated mortgage adviser before spending 6 years at senior level retail flagship management. Tobias has been working as a key account and relationship manager at Moneycorp for 3 years.

His role involves client visitations, presenting about the FX market and solutions to large groups at events, hosting webinars and round tables, as well as being key point of contact for the company’s strategic corporate alliances.

Toby is an important link, as client relations, making sure there is always a consistent service delivered at all times

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