Unitas in partnership with Global Reach Partners

With a number of international clients’ foreign payments and currency volatility is an ever-increasing business issue. That is why we have been looking for reliable commercial foreign exchange specialists for some time to further enhance the commercial services we provide and to save our domestic and international clients and suppliers money, time and effort.

Given that the foreign exchange markets are experiencing record volatility, combined with the general failure of banks as a whole to provide adequate service levels, it has become more important than ever to have an FX provider who understands your requirements and effectively manages your risks.

We are delighted to have established a business relationship with two of the largest commercial FX providers in the UK, Global Reach Partners.

Global Reach Partners is an FCA regulated and authorised commercial foreign exchange specialist and a real alternative provider to your bank. Here are eight great reasons why you should use non-bank FX provider for all your foreign exchange requirements:

  1. Banks are too reactive and can’t service their clients’ individual needs; you can have a free consultation and compare how competitive our FX providers are.
  2. With GRP over 19 years in the FX business and with an excellent track record, we are there for you all the time.
  3. GRP will give you true personal service helping you achieve an intelligent solution for your business.
  4. With more than 5 Billion pounds of traded FX per year by GRP, you have instant access to the best strategies, advice and rates.
  5. GRP focus solely on one market (FX) rather than carrying the costs of a huge infrastructure and the hidden costs of the banks.
  6. Banks just focus on the more popular currencies, GRP has options for up to 140 currencies.
  7. With over 19 years experience in trading, hedging and advising, FTSE100 clients, GRP gives you the assurance of long-term competitive advantage.
  8. We are ready to help you out of the maze, right now.

Please note that Unitas does not add any charges to any trade and works as an extension to GRP as part of their team.

If you would like to register as a client, then please fill out this form and one of our specialist advisors will be in touch.

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